Impress Your Wife!!! with this Cheese Cake

No, this is not one of those spam e-mails about the size of your body parts. It is a recipe for a dead easy cheese cake. Impress your wife with this caramel chocolate cheese cake. My boss Simon L. Scott put me in this. He is a wonderfull cook especially on the cakes. He cooked 3 different cakes for my son’s first birthday party and they were awesome. He gave me this recipe last Friday and I cooked it on Saturday.

Here is the recipe:

Get a tin to cook the cake, brush melted margarine on the sides and bottom and cover the bottom and sides with cooking paper. First cut a round paper using the bottom of the tin as a guide and then cover sides with the rest of the cooking paper.

250g scotch finger biscuit crushed (I’ve used about 500g cause I love a thick crust)
140g butter melted
Mix them together and push into side of the tin. Use a flat base glass.

Mix 500g cream cheese (prefer light one) and 2 eggs and beat till smooth.

250g jersey caramel (Couldn’t find this one and used Cottee’s Caramel topping and used about 3/2 of it). If you find Jersey Caramel, melt this on low heat with 3tbsp of water.

Let it cool a bit and add 2/3 cup cream (thickened or normal doesn’t matter) mix it till smooth.

Add this to the cream cheese and eggs and mix that till smooth.

Poor that into the crust but do not fill completely. You need about 1cm to fill with chocolate topping or more if you like thick chocolate on top. himmmmmm yummy….

Cook 120C fan force or 140C without fan for 40 min or till you get a bouncy top. I have buried some berries into the mixture too.

Remove from oven and cool it

For the topping:

Mix half a cup of cream with 200g chocolate in a saucepan and melt on low heat.

Pour it on the top and keep it in the fridge till it settles, preferably a day.

For serving cut each slice with a hot clean knife (dip it in the boiling water prior to cutting)

And here are the pictures.

Cake still in the paper  Freed from tin and paper

No mercy, sliced with hot clean knife  a nice slice ready to eat


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