Herd Share in Canberra

I received an e-mail from Jodie Wright today announcing that may be we will be able to get fresh milk if the demand is good enough for the Canberra region.

Here is the e-mail


Hi All,

I hope you are having a great day. I have just gotten off the phone with a very excited farmer who is looking to set up a herd share with jerseys and is keen to get an idea of interest in Canberra in regards to amounts per week, I know I have asked this before but if you could send me an email to let me know if you are still interested and approximately how much milk you may use per week so I can pass this info onto our farmer I would be most grateful – we may have something up and running very soon!

Many thanks for your patience I know it has taken a while but I think we may be on our way now.

Cheers Jodie

I hope this will go through and we will get fresh milk soon.

If you would like to join please contact with Jodie Wright at thenourisher AT optusnet DOT com DOT au

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