Radio Iodine Therapy

After my surgery to remove the Thyroid, there is this therapy to blow up the remaining cancer cells. I need to check-in to Ward 14 at the Canberra Hospital on Friday 30th May and swallow a pill which contains iodine and some radioactive substance. But before I get into this therapy, I need to do a low-iodine diet.

There are lots of information on the internet and one of them is which you can download a cookbook and follow the recipes.

I went to the natural shop at Griffith Shops and packed in 2kg of organic wholemeal flour, 500g of bran, 250g of Lecithin, 500g of Wheat Germ and 1kg of rolled oat. Plus dried organic fruits. All this along with a cup of ginseng tea is now my breakfast. I use only hot water to moistune the cereals. 2kg of organic wholemeal flour is to make bread in my bread maker.

For lunch, I went to the farmers market on Saturday at EPIC and bought some cold meat, organic fruits and some vegetables. Diced them all up and cooked without salt in a big pan. Also red cabbage or savoy cabbage is known as the iodine sucker, if you consume a good quantity everyday, it will help to clear iodine from the body. There is a general iodine deficiency in Australia actually, so this diet is not hard to follow.

I couldn’t find any un-iodized salt anywhere in the markets and decided to completely remove it from my diet. It is only for 2 weeks and I am starting to enjoy it. Now I can taste the real flavor of the vegetables

It has only been 3 days that I am doing this diet now but there are changes. Salt started to clear up from the body and I get strange muscle cramps, if I force them. Yesterday there was one on my abdominal muscles and was painfull, I was coughing only. I think, I should take it easy.

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