Electricity Theft

Yesterday I caught one of the Blackett Homes contractor stealing electricity from one of the power points outside my house. They are building next to my house and they should actually have to have electricity connected to their site for the work that they are doing. I have sent them this fax:

An incident of electricity theft and trespass has occurred today at my property at 5 Toraman street, Somewhere in the morning at around 7:30. Another incident also reported by my wife happened on Monday 30th of June, for half a day a power cable was running from my house to the building site of yours.

In both incidents the electricity has been used without my permission and this is an ongoing violation. I do not want this to happen in the future; otherwise it will be reported to the authorities. Given that the contractors were using a lot of power tools which require large amounts of electricity; I therefore request that Blackett Homes compensate me for the inevitable increase in my electricity bill.

This is apparently happening to a lot of people. I think, I should disable those plugs.

So be carefull if any construction job is going on next to your house. They may be using your water or electricity without your permission.

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