5 Things I’m not telling you

I have been tagged by my Italian==>Kiwi friend Simo to tell you my 5 things that I am not telling you. Here they are:

1- I am black belt both Aikido and Kenpo Karate. So be careful what you say .

2- I am a gym junkie and going to gym everyday. This year I am even planning to join the www.bodyforlife.com challenge. Not because this is one of the most effective system to reduce fat and gain muscle in 12 weeks as advertised but I am just curious to try and see the results with my own eyes.

3- I have a Linux partition on my laptop and it is Turkish (Pardus 2007)!!!

4- I am very punctuate with my appointments. If person did not turn up after 5 minutes of agreed time without notice, I will leave and feel like really pissed off. I would really like to punish this person because of his/her disrespectful behavior.

5- I couldn’t find anything to write here. I am almost telling you everything about me. I guess this is one of the disadvantages of being an extraverted person.


Now it is my turn to tag 5 another people.

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