I am back…

Last couple of months were madness. First of all, I would like to whinge about my internet provider. The adage “You get what you pay for” was reiterated in this case. I went with this X company because they were the cheapest. They couldn’t fix my internet connection after I moved to my new place because of some sort of line noise problem they said. I have checked my line with Optus and AAPT and they said it is all fine. My provider said the job went to Telstra to fix the lines but he was saying that Telstra was ignoring this type of customer. My provider advised me to apply for BigPond and during the first 10 days of Cool-Off period, I can transfer back to them without penalty. “Is this fair trade Telstra?”, I am asking you.

Now I am trying to cancel my account with this X company and go with AAPT but since last week no one is returning my calls.

My other whinge is the ADSL2+ availability. I am living in the heart of the nation -Canberra. The exchange that I am connected to is the Civic Exchange. Possibly the oldest exchange in Canberra and ADSL2+ is not available on this exchange. There are certainly enough customers in this area and I still don’t understand why ADSL2+ is not available. Come on Telstra, shame on you. I would understand this if I was living in some remote area.

By the way,  AAPT deals are quite good, if you convert your phone service to them, they give you a free modem, no installation fee, no connection or cancellation fee and no contract. I am getting 1.5Mb with 15Gb download limit. Connected today.

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