When we were back in Turkey, this Eurovison Song Contest wasn’t an important event. But now my wife is getting crazy about it and thinking to buy all the DVDs, CDs available to date. I am telling here to buy Star Wars DVD set instead.
There were some extremist this year like Andorra and Finland. I have sugested to go to Andorra for holiday to my wife but she refused it. If they are wearing things like that just in the Eurovision, think about what they are wearing on the street Smile.
We were thinking that why there is no heavy metal groups in this contest, after all everything has been tried and tested and finally Finland did it. I was expecting something hard core out of those costoms but they were allright.
Being a part time musician made me think that the most of the singers were out of tune (detoned). Some of the songs were full of unnecessary instruments which makes the song unlistenable like the Turkish one. I think most of the composers took all the winner songs, listened them for about a week, and wrote the songs in one night.
Waiting for the second part. Oh god, what are we gonna do when this thing finished Tounge

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